Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the incredible thol

Thursday, September 30, 2010

winged wonders

whiskered tern

pied buschat male

pied buschat male

wire tailed swallow

little egret

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Indian peafowl chick

Indian Peafowl chick

India peafowl chick
it s been 3 years I am in to birding and always wanted to shoot birds chicks .
I have learnt many lessons while working in the field.
And I also came to know that you can not disturb birds epsecially birds' nest.
I never rush blindly towards nest..
But yes whenever I am there in the field and all of a sudden if some chicks or some birds comes across It is always fun to watch them silently wothout disturbing them in their natural habitat . .
.so cute and delicate .it is more fun t0 observe them in their natural home .you will fall in love instantly with their cute behaviour .But my suggestion to some new bird photographers that to be more carefull about crows,cats,dogs and some raptors .
enjoy nature without disturbing it.

indian peafowl chick.hiding in the grass but constant watch

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Greater flamingo

the flying fairy

Little egret
egret in this season displays their wings and i m so in love with this catch them in action is not so much easy but always love to take challange .however marsh harrier ,wagtails,rose-finch ,and some other munias are back in thol .and also love to work on different species this year like i did last year .

Watercolor .thol,
Due to heavy rains not being able to reach some intersting spots which i used to visit last year .so i keep my self busy in sketching the different locations of thol ..especially i m so much in love with the woods in the inner side of the thol lake .
Little Cormorant,
Nowadays they are active and you can see them in different action ..basking in the morning ,hunting ,landing on the golden lake -Thol lake.. and also flying in the sky high in a v shape see them in the early morning sunlight is a fun.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I always prefer to play with composition and subject .Yesterday i tried to click this landscape with my 18-55canon kit lense.Sometime the place tells you what to click .Rather than clicking birds I tried to click some interesting landscape with slowshutterspeed and lil bit panning .
I am ahuge fan of Seurat ' work .This image reminds me of Seuart's painting .Hope you will like it. i cliked it in thol lake,Mehsana (11thseptemebr2010)

who's ther?

sarus crane in silhouette.My favortie crane i always like to see Sarus crane in the field ,i like to sketch them ,photograph them and also watch them in the filed for hours and hours.

Love in the air

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The incredible thol

litle egret-thol lake
Thol Bird Sanctuary is located 40 kms northwest of Ahmedabad, in Mehsana District.
Thol lake, created in 1912, covers 7 sq. kms of mostly open water.
There are small marshes at the edges and some scrub forest on
Location: 72o 38' East 23o 23' Northhe sides of the high embankments.
Gujarat � acclaimed as one of the best bird watching destinations in India. These beautiful winged creatures who have always caught our fancy because of their unique skill to fly high in the sky are seen in large number and variety in this north western state of India. Most of us have always longed to master their exceptional abilities but our dreams have remained unfulfilled. However we can derive some consolation from seeing and admiring them and what better place to watch them at than the Thol Wildlife Sanctuary.

Not just bird lovers but common tourists visiting the state of Gujarat should include the Thol Wildlife Sanctuary as part of their tour itinerary. Located at a distance of about 40 km from Ahmedabad, the state capital, the Thol Wildlife Sanctuary is in the Mehsana district and definitely worth a visit. Anyone is sure to feel delighted on seeing so many beautiful feathered creatures together at the same place.

Thol Lake encompassing an area of 7 sq km has marshy fringes. Scrub forests also surround the sides of the high banks. This makes it the ideal spot for a large number of migratory birds particularly those who belong to the category of waders and waterfowls. The Thol Wildlife Sanctuary is their temporary sojourn for the winters and so it is best to visit this Lake Sanctuary in the months between October and March. When planning a trip keep in mind that.
It is indeed an ornithologists paradise but those who are not hard core birdies will also thoroughly enjoy a visit to the Thol Wildlife Sanctuary. It has been fascinating people ever since its inception in the year 1912.

Friday, August 13, 2010

plain prinia in monsoon .this days prinias are active ..and it is right time and nice to visit thollake as evry wher you can find lush green and it is photographers dream to shoot in this season landscpes are beautiful .