Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Indian peafowl chick

Indian Peafowl chick

India peafowl chick
it s been 3 years I am in to birding and always wanted to shoot birds chicks .
I have learnt many lessons while working in the field.
And I also came to know that you can not disturb birds epsecially birds' nest.
I never rush blindly towards nest..
But yes whenever I am there in the field and all of a sudden if some chicks or some birds comes across It is always fun to watch them silently wothout disturbing them in their natural habitat . .
.so cute and delicate .it is more fun t0 observe them in their natural home .you will fall in love instantly with their cute behaviour .But my suggestion to some new bird photographers that to be more carefull about crows,cats,dogs and some raptors .
enjoy nature without disturbing it.

indian peafowl chick.hiding in the grass but constant watch

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