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BAYA WEAVER (MALE) (Ploceus philippinus)CANON450D ,SIGMA170-500APODG .THOL LAKE

Since long time many friends on orkut and facebook wanted me to write on "how to do bird photography".Today I am sharing my experience with all my friends -
The journey till this date.
Photographying birds are quite a challenge for the photographer ,even for the experienced photographer.Birds in the wild ,generally do not pose the way you want them in your frame .As i said earlier it is quite a challenging task for the bird-photographer to get close to the subject and click some excellent quality pictures.Ther are many challenging factors and we will discuss it later in this series.

COMMON HOOPOE(Upapa epops)
canon450d sigma170-500 apodg

what Gears?
In my honest opinion it is not compulsory to have expensive lenses and camera for the bird photography.But I am also of the opinion that if one has proper equipment it will become easy to work. Till this date i am using
canon18-55 is
sigma170-500 apo dg non is
canon75-300 usm non is.
And ,before couple of days I bought canon550d .
However ,it is not to compulsory have digital SLR (SINGLE LENSE REFLEX) camera.
one can start easily his/her journey with simple point and shoot camera like I started with sony dsch2.Even before some years i was using manual slr camera with 200 mm prime (heavy lense)I still remember in 1994 i went to nal-sarovar with my simple snapper agil camera .:)(it is different thing that i went ther for sketching..
some images with my simple point and shoot camera

camera :sony dsch2

greater flamingo at thol lake
camera sony dsch50

Birds are very much active and ,very much shy so you will need atleast 300 mm glass to picture them .
Longer focal length will lets you to click them from distance .And not only that ,it will give more blurred back ground or you can say OOF(OUT OF FOCUS) area.well please also note that if you need more out of focused background you will have to spend more on glass ,that is much expensive not only that but also heavy in weight and long lenses ,And very tough to work in the filed for one who is just a beginner.
My suggestion for entry level lense (if it is in your budget )


SIGMA 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM
  • Designed for use with full frame digital SLR cameras. May also be used with smaller APS-c size sensors with a corresponding effective increase in focal length to about 255mm to 850mm on the Sigma SD format
  • Offers Sigma’s OS System (Optical Stabilization) allowing handheld photography even in low-light situations
  • HSM (Hyper-Sonic Motor) ensures a quiet & high-speed auto focus
  • Minimum focusing distance of 86.6 inches with a maximum magnification of 1 to 5.2
  • Compact weighing only 4 pounds & a mere 10 inches in length
  • A lens hood, tripod socket TS-31, front & rear lens caps and carrying case are included with the lens.)

  • OR
    SIGMA 50-500

    50-500mm F4.5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM

  • Designed for use with full frame digital SLR cameras. May also be used with smaller APS-c size sensors with a corresponding effective increase in focal length to about 75 to 750mm with most cameras
  • 10x high zoom ration ultra telephoto zoom lens
  • Offers Sigma’s OS System (Optical Stabilization) allowing handheld photography even in low-light situation

  • HSM (Hyper-Sonic Motor) ensures a quiet & high-speed auto focus
  • Four SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements provide optimum color correction & sharpness throughout the entire zoom range
  • A lens hood, hood adapter, front & rear lens caps and carrying case are included with the lens.

  • But ,if budget is not your criteria then you can think about prime lenses. My point is ,for photographying birds you will need lense which is easy to carry everywhere..so my vote for those tele-photo lenses
    (especially for the beginner).once you have quite enough knowledge about field work then you can go for those prime lenses.

    plumbeous water red start canon450d

    I remember ,when i started photographying birds with my first dslr i always wanted to shoot birds in action

    this image o took with canon450d and canon75-300 (non is) well not bad at all..:)
    if you have potential and skill why not? with point and shoot camera it is quite a challenge but with dslr it becomes possible . dslr works more faster then point and shoot camera..so that you can capture the perfect moment.
    And for that it offers fps(frames per second) you can shoot continuosly so that you wont miss that moment.but it dosnt mean you keep on shooting like a machinegun.:).infact you will have to wait for the perfect moment and field work.

    this image i took with canon450d and sigma 170-500apodg..i waited for more the 2 hours lying on the ground for the right moment and after so many efforts i got this image .so all you need in bird photography is lot of patience and right gears and lot of field work.
    shooting birds with monopode or tripode is a big challange for me so i try to avoid using it in the filed . to maintain level i always prefer beanbag if i m in my car and most of the time i prefer handheld shots. but i m not advicing you to do it.as my lense is not having image stabiliser ..it needs lot of natural light ..but i somehow manage to do it with handheld.it is a matter of practise.
    i always carry monopode ,tripode, beanbag .but i hardly use monopode or tripode.

    this image i took with canon450d
    sigma170-500 apdg handheld.
    well for beginner it is adviceable to shoot with monopode or tripode .my point is only that if you are happy with the level then it doesnt matter if you are shooting it with monopode or shooting handheld.Ultimately ,the result is important :)

    little cormorant with canon450d sigma170-500 apodg handheld

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    Indian peafowl chick

    Indian Peafowl chick

    India peafowl chick
    it s been 3 years I am in to birding and always wanted to shoot birds chicks .
    I have learnt many lessons while working in the field.
    And I also came to know that you can not disturb birds epsecially birds' nest.
    I never rush blindly towards nest..
    But yes whenever I am there in the field and all of a sudden if some chicks or some birds comes across It is always fun to watch them silently wothout disturbing them in their natural habitat . .
    .so cute and delicate .it is more fun t0 observe them in their natural home .you will fall in love instantly with their cute behaviour .But my suggestion to some new bird photographers that to be more carefull about crows,cats,dogs and some raptors .
    enjoy nature without disturbing it.

    indian peafowl chick.hiding in the grass but constant watch